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Occupational Safety and Health Policy

We intend to become a leader manufacture in the construction sector, and to carry out with further activities as a pioneering company both at home and abroad. To attain this, we stick to the following principles in our works;

  • To ensure customer satisfaction
  • To comply with the contractual requirements, legal legislations and standards that are in force
  • To use the sources efficiently with a self-awareness of environmental friendliness, to prevent environmental pollution and to protect the environment, to follow up with the developments and to inform consumers accordingly,
  • To display activities in a way to protect occupational health and safety of the personnel, to prevent occupational accidents, injuries and illness,
  • To ensure constant and uninterrupted improvement on high quality environment, occupational health and safety,
  • To preserve and enhance the labour force, funds of knowledge and financial power of our company

In the light of all these principles given above, we are strictly dedicated to increase added value to our people and society; to improve measures taken to prevent environmental damages; to provide eligible working conditions to safeguard occupational health and safety; to preserve product quality standards and to ensure sustainability of improvements; zero customer dissatisfaction and zero customer loss. It will be a source of proud for us if and when all our people adopt and remain loyal to these principles, and all institutions and establishments we work with are familiar with them.

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