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Polypropylene Troug Moulds (LAMOLEN)


There is no need for moulds under the plastmolden for the application. Roof ridge and grid systems are sufficient. No matter what the roof ridge and scaffolding system are the grids should be plastmolen. A one-way grid should be aligned below each flank.

The moulds are fixed by being fixed in between the main ribs on all four directions. There is no need for mechanical assembly such as nails screws etc.  Watch the application animation.


Troug moulds are produced in two types and four different depths.

Length of each rib requires only one unit B.  The following table demonstrates how the units are joined for creating ribs of different lengths. 

Unit Pcs Unit Pcs Standard Operating Length  (min) Standard Operating Length  (max)
1 1 1405 1455
2 1 1970 2120
3 1 2535 2785
4 1 3100 3450
5 1 3665 4115
6 1 4230 4780
7 1 4795 5445


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