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Mould Production

All types of moulds we produce are made of 2 different materials, depending on the area and quantity of intended use.

  1. They are made of original raw materials.  In case of products produced with this method,  the number of use depends on the product usage, and it mostly 100 and above. This is an ideal option for higher number of usage or for companies that wish to keep a waffle mould available in inventories.
  2. They are made of recyclable raw materials.  They can be preferred for fewer number of usages compared to the ones made of original raw materials.  There are no differences, discrepancy of drawbacks when it comes to usage.  The raw materials used in this method are a special recyclable material and is characterised of 80% original raw material.  It is a cost efficient option especially in case of less number of usages and for overseas usages when return is not an option.
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