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Mould Rental

Although Lamolen moulds are often in use the waffle moulds are preferred for special projects in many different sizes.  Depending on the intended usage of the building that is or will be constructed, different sizes might be needed. In case the companies rather prefer to purchase, they need to stock up quite a number of moulds in very different sizes.

A waffle mould that is used for a project might not be suitable for being used in another project. Waffle moulds are expensive products not to mention storage and transportation expenses.  Due to the initial investment cost of waffle moulds, the cost per unit sqm is also high.  Increasing costs poses a drawback for the companies to have a business contract for agreeable prices.

Investing companies often stipulate that moulds to be used are new, therefore even though the mould sizes at their disposal are suitable they are not preferred on the grounds that they are used.

Whether used or unused, moulds of all sizes can be produced for low costs and in a short time and can be delivered for rental.

It is not stipulated to keep the product available in stocks as the production process is very fast. What matters is the suitable sizes. Every single order can be fulfilled without failure provided a contract is executed latest 1 week in advance.

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